Therapy Services

Dr. Edwards is not currently accepting new clients. Profiles for family therapists who are working with or have worked with Dr. Edwards can be seen below and are listed in alphabetical order. 

Elliot Helt, MA, MFT-C they/them

(719) 644-6423

Specializes in LGBTQ+, gender identity and transition, neurodivergence, nonmonogamous/polyamorous relationships, couples, families, and adolescents. 

David Lieberman, MAMBAMFTC (he, him)
(303) 335-0430 

Lauren Lottino, MA, LMFT (she, her)

(720) 961-4863 

Lauren Skuba, MA, MFTC (she, her)

(720) 515-5538 

Specializes in couples 

Jenna Smith, MA, MFTC (she, her)

(303) 552-2910